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“I think that was some of the coolest music I ever played in my life”
– Tony Garnier

The singular status of ’The Humbler’ is well-known among rock music aficionados, most notably due to the virtuoso guitar work by the late Danny Gatton. Reportedly, a soundboard tape from a ‘81 Robert Gordon gig in Berkeley, CA. was passed around amongst musicians in the eighties, and quickly became highly revered. Most guitarists who heard the tape were humbled by Gatton’s exceptional playing, hence its title. The recording was finally released in ’96 by Danny Gatton’s mother on her own NRG label. And even though it’s not mentioned in the liner notes, that release is actually a composite of two different soundboard tapes, one from ’81 and the other from ’83.

The tape that’s presented on this CD is an entirely different recording, originally broadcast by KLIR radio in June ’81. This show was recorded in the middle of a hectic tour, and it really captures the band at its best. Robert was promoting his latest RCA release, ‘Are You Gonna Be The One’, and the repertoire offered a solid mix of songs from Gordon’s first five albums, as well as interesting choices like Gene Vincent’s Cruisin’ and Webb Pierce’s There Stands The Glass. This vibrant, dynamic live recording places you in the crowd on that hot summer night in ’81, and the fresh stereo sound enables you to hear many interesting details, such as the intricacies of the interplay between Danny Gatton and Lance Quinn. It’s a sensational live performance, with Gordon in good voice, and the band playing with more bite than a pack of angry Rottweilers. When I listened to it recently together with Robert, he commented that this tape is actually better than the one now known as ‘The Humbler’. And it was Robert himself who came up with the CD title, ‘The Real Humbler’.

We are proud to be able to release this unique recording. It’s an amazing slice of American roots music, an eclectic mix of rockabilly, country and jazz as performed by some of the finest players in the industry. As a bonus, we’ve added the encores from a gig in Newark, DE. a couple of nights later, as well as a backstage interview with Robert later that same evening. In the interview, he states that he never tried to recreate anything, and this release underlines that fact. Though clearly steeped in the tradition of their influences, Robert & his fantastic band grabbed those sounds by the throat and took them to a different place.


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It’s now over 40 years ago that Robert Gordon and Link Wray rocked the world with their two groundbreaking albums, “Robert Gordon with Link Wray” and “Fresh Fish Special”. Their remarkable sound, combining the raw original rockabilly sounds with tough punk rock edges, truly stood out in the disco era and signaled the beginning of the second rockabilly wave, opening the doors for acts like The Stray Cats and Shakin’ Stevens. The pairing of Robert’s powerful baritone voice and Link’s ferocious guitar-playing was and remains totally unique, and it’s a tribute to their artistry that their recordings still sound so fresh and dynamic today.

To mark that 40th anniversary, Growlin’ Guitar is releasing two essential new albums containing unreleased material from the vaults, some of it having resurfaced quite recently. We are proud to be able to present these unique, never-before-released recordings in two handsome digipacks, richly illustrated with previously unpublished photos, memorabilia and relevant recording & musician data. For the fans of both artists, these releases are a collectors’ dream come true, and the most significant releases in ages.

“THEIR FIRST NATIONWIDE TOUR: ARMADILLO WORLD HEADQUARTERS, AUSTIN, TX, NOVEMBER 9, 1977” features an fantastic, never-before released concert from their first tour across the US. Robert and Link were getting rave reviews in publications like ‘Rolling Stone’, and their first hit ‘Red Hot’ was doing well in the charts. This Austin gig was particularly significant in that a lot of great musicians were in the crowd, including both Vaughan brothers. And Robert and Link were ready, and rocked the audience with songs like ‘Summertime Blues’, ‘The Fool’ and ‘Baby Let’s Play House’. A real surprise is the first-ever version of ‘The Way I Walk’, performed here one month before they recorded it. The ambient live recording really places you in that Texas crowd on that memorable night. Also included are a selection of tracks from their Chicago gig on the same tour, as well as the rare ‘Don Kirshner Rock Concert’ broadcast. This historically important recording is packaged in a beautiful digipack with relevant photos, liner notes, recording data and memorabilia from the concert.

“THE LAST TOUR” (2 CD-set) documents the very last tour that Robert Gordon and Link Wray did together, and contains unreleased live- and studio recordings from Germany and the U.K. This superb double CD set may well be the single most exciting release on both artists since 1978, as it captures their unique partnership at the peak of its powers. These recordings are – there is no other way to put it – quite simply sensational. Added bonus is that this release features various songs that were never recorded by them, including ‘Be Bop A Lula’, ‘Don’t’, ‘Hot Dog! That Made Her Mad’, ‘Rock Therapy’, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and ‘Wild Wild Women’. THE LAST TOUR also includes, for the first time ever, the last recordings made by Robert Gordon and Link Wray together! This ultra-rare tape resurfaced recently, and is now being presented for the first time… A historical find. Packaged in a beautiful foldout digipack, with rare photos and recording details, this is one humdinger of a release that is almost as essential as breathing!

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Lotta Lovin’

Unreleased live recordings from 1977 – 1983
featuring Link Wray and Danny Gatton
(cd, c.c. 004)

Flyin’ Saucer Rock’n’Roll / I Want To Be Free / Baby I Don’t Care / Boppin’ The Blues / Fire / My Baby Left Me / Five Days, Five Days / Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache / If This Is Wrong / Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track) / Blue Suede Shoes / Baby Let’s Play House / I Got A Woman / The Fool / I Sure Miss You / Look Who’s Blue / All For The Love Of A Girl / Are You Gonna Be The One / It’s Only Make Believe / Cruisin’ / Ubangi Stomp / Drivin’ Wheel / Lover Boy / Someday, Someway / Bertha Lou / There Stands The Glass / Lotta Lovin’ / You’re Undecided / Linda Lu
tracks 1-4: The Ivanhoe Theatre, Chicago, IL, October 24, 1977 with Link Wray:gtr, Jerry Matthews:gtr, Wild Buffalo Bill:bs, Howie Wyeth:dms; tracks 5-6: El Casino, Montreal, Canada, February 10, 1978 with Link Wray:gtr, Jon Paris:bs, Anton Fig:dms; tracks 7-8: El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada, February 14, 1978 with Link Wray:gtr, Jon Paris:bs, Anton Fig:dms; tracks 9-13: The Cellar Door, Washington, DC, March 14, 1978 with Link Wray:gtr, Jon Paris:bs, Anton Fig:dms; tracks 14-15: The Agora Club, Cleveland, OH, March 20, 1978 with Link Wray:gtr, Jon Paris:bs, Anton Fig:dms; tracks 16-19: Old Waldorf, San Francisco, CA, May 6, 1981 with Danny Gatton:gtr, Lance Quinn:gtr, Tony Garnier:bs, Shannon Ford:dms;
tracks 20-24: Malibu Club, Lido Beach, NY, June 5, 1981 with Danny Gatton:gtr, Lance Quinn:gtr, Tony Garnier:bs, Shannon Ford:dms; tracks 25-29: Berkeley Square, Berkeley, CA, January 25, 1983 with Danny Gatton:gtr, Lance Quinn:gtr, Tony Garnier:bs, Shannon Ford:dms + Lee Allen u0026amp; Lewis Taylor:horns on “You’re Undecided” & “Linda Lu”

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