Unmade Beds

Unmade Beds


Eric Mitchell, Duncan Hannah, Debbie Harry, Robert Gordon

Written, produced and directed by Amos Poe,

Music by Ivan Kral

Black & white / 1976 / 77 mins 



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Clip from “Unmade Beds”:



In Amos Poe’s 1976 underground film, Eric Mitchell stars as Rico, a young New Yorker whose love for French New Wave cinema spurs him to live his life like he is a denizen of 1960s Paris. A photographer who fancies himself a gangster who uses his camera as a gun, Rico’s carefully constructed world of illusion is disrupted when he falls in love. note: Robert Gordon’s role as a killer is one of the very few memorable moments in this cult movie, as well as the scenes featuring Deborah Harry in her nightgown 😉 “Unmade Beds” was released on DVD by Eclectic DVD Distribution.